Friday, 9 May 2014

Gypsum: A Value For Money Soil Conditioner

As arable farmers across northern England get more details about what’s going on in the soil through regular testing and the rising numbers using our precision farming system, the one thing that is becoming more apparent is that magnesium levels are generally high.

For many years magnesium limestone has been used to combat soil acidity levels. One of the problems with high magnesium levels is the lockup of potash, which means even if potash indicies are at 2 it is not available to the growing crop so still needs to be applied.

We can supply a recycled Gypsum product which is now available to help lower magnesium levels and improve your soil condition. Available for immediate delivery at low prices.

The benefits from using Gypsum:

Improves calcium:magnesium ratio

Adds calcium without raising pH levels

Ideal for crops requiring high levels of Sulphur

Supports sandy soils that struggle to retain nutrients

Improves soil structure

Please call for details and prices on 0191 428 7700.